Our Girls
About Chihuahuas
The Small Dog with the heart of a giant.
Chihuahuas have worked hard to earn their right into the human heart.
They want lots of love, minimal grooming, needs little exercise but most importantly a warm spot in your home and on your lap.
I fell in-love with Chihuahuas after visiting a friend, her little Chihuahua just kept on giving me kisses. My hubby saw my face and said, I know "that look”. I purchased my first male soon after. And yes, it is true, once the doggy bug bites you, it bites hard. Once hooked there is no turning back.

I researched to find the best breeders and purchased two beautiful girls from different kennels to add to my breeding stock. I will always be grateful to my dear friends, Tania Lambrechts and Teresa van Deventer, for being there for me regarding anything concerning my precious Chihuahuas.
Vital Statistics
Life span: 
12-14 years
Adult weight:
1 - 3kg
Adult height: 
15 - 23cm

Comes in long coat and smooth coat
  • Has special affinity for the elderly
  • Needs love and much lap-sitting
  • Makes a good watchdog
  • Requires little maintenance, just occasional brushing, and minimal exercise
  • Good for people with asthma 
I don’t recommend using a leash and collar for walks. Attach a leash to a body harness, not a collar. The collar is only to hold dog tags, not drag the dog around.
These are small dogs. Tugging and pulling on the collar around your dog’s neck can contribute to a collapsed trachea and other neck damage. Use a body harness.